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[Call for Entries] ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 12, 2003, 1 a.m.

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ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Call for Entries

The second annual international "ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show" will
take place at EYEBEAM Gallery in New York City in mid-July, 2003.
Creators of talented robots are invited to submit their work for
possible inclusion in the show.

The deadline for entries is March 1st, 2003. Please see the ArtBots
website at http://artbots.org for details on how to submit your work.

About ArtBots

ArtBots is an international art exhibition for robotic art and
art-making robots. No firm rules exist on the types of work that can be
submitted; if you think it's a robot and you think it's making art, then
it's an art-making robot. About fifteen submissions will be selected for
participation in the show. The show will run for two days (saturday and
sunday) with all artists in attendence. Selected works will remain
installed during the rest of the week as part of EYEBEAM's summer
robotics festivities.

The first ArtBots show took place in May, 2002, and included the work of
ten artists and groups. Nearly six hundred people visited the show
during its one day run, and the show received very positive coverage in
many print and online publications in the USA and internationally,
including The New York Times, TimeOutNY, BoingBoing.net, and the NASA's
Cool Robot of the Week site. You can access extensive documentation of
the show and participants at: http://artbots.org/2002

ArtBots FAQs:

Q: Is ArtBots a robot competition?
A: Not really, it's more of an art show. However, we do give out two
awards at the end: the "Audience Choice Award" and the "Robots' Choice

Q: How many participants will be in the show?
A: About fifteen.

Q: I'm not sure if my work qualifies for your show. What exactly are you
looking for?
A: As the name of the show implies, we're looking for work that is some
part art, and some part bot. The meanings of "art" and "bot" are left
open. Possible formats/media include objects, installations, sculpture,
live performance, etc. If you're still not sure, the documentation of
previous participants should give you some idea of the kind of work
we're looking for.

A: Are the artists that participate in the show compensated in any manner?
Q: Unfortunately, no. We provide as much support to the participants as
we can, but ultimately all costs are the responsibility of the artists.
Hopefully this will change in the future.

Q: Do you have an exact date for the show?
A: Not yet. It will be on a weekend in mid-July. We just aren't sure
which one yet. We'll post an update as soon as we know.

Q: Is ArtBots open to people outside of New York City?
A: Of course. However, we're not in a position to offer anything in the
way of support or accommodations for out-of-town participants. (Although
we can probably help you find a place to stay if needed.) The first
ArtBots show featured artists from New York, Boston, Ohio, and Belgium.
We anticipate more geographically diverse entries this year.

Q: Is there a swimsuit competition?
A: No, there is no swimsuit competition.

Q: What's the point of ArtBots? Aren't there enough robot competitions
A: We started ArtBots because we wanted to have fun and to celebrate
some of the creative, non-violent, and not-so-competitive aspects of
robotics. People all over the world are doing interesting, important
work that combines art and robotics; ArtBots is our way of focusing
attention on that work.

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