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Call For Proposals: Artist Multiples, Limited editions

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 9, 2009, midnight

The Present Group, a quarterly art subscription service, seeks proposals from artists for projects that are reproducible in intent. We are looking for projects that will result in a limited edition, artist multiple, or a single work that consists of multiple parts. Every year TPG subscribers receive limited edition works from 4 different contemporary artists. A $500 honorarium is awarded to each season’s artist. Artists must submit a proposal to submit[at]thepresentgroup.com or via USPS: The Present Group Attn: Submission 593 8th St. #3 Oakland, CA 94607. For more information please visit: www.thepresentgroup.com, to download full submission guidelines: http://www.thepresentgroup.com/TPG-submissions.pdf

What is expected of the artists:
Propose a project where the final product will be reproduced art pieces. This is an opportunity to branch out and test a different approach to art making. If you already work in multiples, that’s fine too. What we send to our subscribers could be a piece from a limited edition or parts of a larger work. The project will be made exclusively through The Present Group. We understand that similar themes and images may be used throughout your other work, however you agree not to create the exact project again.

What we look for:
Most importantly, your work must be reproducible in intent. There will be no “original”. Each piece will be the work itself, or a part of the work. Our editions are between 50-100
We choose based on the piece’s Visual, Conceptual, or Experiential interest.
In order to keep our subscribers exposed to a large variety of work, we keep in mind the progression in which they are released, in terms of media, themes, style.
Is it feasible? Can we afford to make it? If we love your project but don’t think we can afford to do it now, we may ask to hold on to your proposal for a future possibility.

Appreciation for Selected Artists:
- $500 (This is an honorarium; this does not go toward the making of the pieces)
- 4 of the produced work for your own collection or to sell on your own.
- A captive audience of Art Lovers and Collectors
- All the contextual information we create for your piece, including artist info, critiques, and video will remain free on-line as long as TPG exists

Your proposal should include:
- Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail, Website (if it applies)

-Project Proposal:
1. What you want to do.
2. How this work will relate to/expand on current themes in your work
3. Anything (sketches, photos. . .) to help you explain your idea.

-Links to Artist Resume, Statement, Work Samples

The deadline for our thirteenth artist is November 9th. Applicants who follow the guidelines will be contacted by e-mail.

Email guidelines:

Include all of your contact information in the body of your email.
You may also include your project proposal in the body or .PDF.
We much prefer links to web sites or files. If you must use attachments, limit it to three. We will not open more. We prefer .PDFs or .JPGs. We will not accept attached video.

Snail Mail guidelines:

The Present Group
Attn: Submission
593 8th Street #3
Oakland, CA 94607

Send us anything you feel will help us understand your background and/or proposal. We will accept any form of media. If you’d like your sample material returned please include a SASE with proper postage.


Albertus Van Wyk Nov. 8 2009 08:59Reply

herebey i submit my 200 pieces multiple ,multiconçeptual collectors item "75€valuetainer75€ serials of 200 numbers based on a numbered dreamshare from my limited serial "11.5Grs Aenors Dreamshares"1/19200 giving his number to the subserial of the 'low-cost' declination for the grand public !

Former dental practicioner I converted to Art practice almost Naturaly during a journey of one year in New Caledonia, where i was invited to go in a creative hermitage in the bush at Tao to prepare an Exposition of my work with Drifted Wood's .I produced about 30 opera's , mainly with a method that i called 'pigmentary impregnation' where the colors penetrates the wood. Pleased with the result's but not satisfied as far as the creative standard's ,I thought it would be elegant to work with metal on these object's ,of course my first idea was to use Bronz.Since i pretend to have a creative mind i started creating, in the bush and during my journey there, intellectualy, my specific alloy.
Aenors a quartenary composition of some gold,some more silver,much cuper to create mass and as much iron molecules as gold to ad a specific electromagnetic resonance to the alloy, wich turned out to be also the signature of my work's!( if it react's to a magnet i'ts Aenors)
The trademark Aenors is the alphabetical 'order' of the word Reason!
I realised the first fusion end 1994 at my return in Europe ,more precisely in San Remo at a friend's jewelers workshop.
For the need of the suspension of a steel ball in the ciprypedium of an opera "il messagero" i created a derivate of pewter by adding sporadic elements,i lowered the fusion point about10°degrees, the aim is to bring it under the 100 degrees celcius, but the creation is there and i call it "Spirit of Aenors" ,i am still researching and use it as adjuvance to Aenors Art Alloy in unique peaces; and as samples in my 75Evaluetainer75E,containing(also) a builded in lottery in this multiconceptual colectors item with fixed refundable nominal value.
Taking in consideration my multiconceptual collectors items,the limited serials of these items ,the unique specific alloy's ,the mutuality/participatory/exchange approuch of my art totaly unreleased ,where i propose to buy back after 36 month's my collectors items(shares,subshares) of the aenorsexchange, if sealed and sound with a 9% interest benefit for the art amateur /investor at 36 month's term wich makes them also bond's.

Summary of conditions: :

The face value of 75E is guaranteed as I will repurchase the object at this price if it is still sealed and intact after 36 months.

As the purchase price is 66.66E, the object can therefore be considered in several ways: the artist in me would like you to consider it as a collector's item and keep it, but if you so wish you can sell it back to me at the end of the term… and will therefore have a kind of “savings deposit”!

Note that if you keep your object you become a shareholder in the Aenors™exchange stock market and de facto are one of the joint heirs to my work
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