skoltz_kolgen: Askaa and fluux:/terminal

San Francisco
Wednesday August 16th & Thursday August 17th
at 8:30 pm

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Skoltz\_kolgen is a plurimedia work cell based in Montreal, comprising dominique [t] skoltz and herman w kolgen. Rigorous and raucous creators,their artistic pursuits plumb the integral linkages between sound and image. Skoltz\_Kolgen create liminal worlds that exist in the nebulous territory between inner and outer space. Penetrating the ephemeral skin between solid matter and the unsubstantiated, the intimate and the objective, their work conjures bewitched worlds that gestate betwixt accident and intent. This liminal quality bleeds into all aspects of Skoltz\_Kolgen's practice, from the conceptual to the technical, as they balance on the cusp of art and science. Liberated by digital media they simultaneously assume numerous positions, inhabiting a space between film, photography, audio art, and installation. Their synergistic practice encompasses expanded cinema, explorations of the subtle and visceral qualities of sound, and hybrid forms of digitally enabled synaesthesia. Architects of worlds that simultaneously inhabit us as we inhabit them, Skoltz\_Kolgen inquisitively seek out the intimate material and ineffable substance of life.