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Get yer Y=A=Y=A='=S out... Judith Goldman and Brian Kim Stefans reading at New Langton Arts in SF

Judith Goldman and Brian Kim Stefans
Thursday 22 Jun 2006
8 pm
$8 general, $5 Langton members, students and seniors.


Judith Goldman investigates timely issues about border-crossings. All aboard!, you rightful, legitimate boarders at board, for Civilian Border Patrol: A tragicomic novel-policy on bioPiracy, featuring border-crossing; water-boarding; embroidering boredom's bordello; particle board; and Particules! Particules!

Words and images collide in Brian Kim Stefans' Electronic Writing. At Langton he performs Kluge: A Meditation, an interactive digital poem; shows several short video works including the series Vex; and also reads from his poetry, including In Pines, a poem for two voices.


Judith Goldman is the author of Vocoder (2001) and Deathstar/Rico-chet (2006). She is currently finishing a doctorate from Columbia University in English and Comparative Literature and working on Civilian Border Patrol: a tragicomic novel-policy on bioPiracy. Goldman lives and works in Berkeley.

Brian Kim Stefans is the author of poetry books including Angry Penguins (2000); Free Space Comix (1998); Gulf (1998); and Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics (2003), a mixed-genre collection of poems, experimental essays, and an interview. Stefans edits arras.net, devoted to new media poetry and poetics, and is a frequent critic for the Boston Review. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

These events are supported by Poets & Writers, Inc.