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Book Opportunity - Artists Working With Flash

I am doing a book project with Thomson Press, consisting of about 12-14 chapters, where each chapter will highlight an artist doing interesting work with Flash. I'm especially trying to find contributors who have engaging content in their work. Preferably, you produce good work AND know your way around Flash.

The process will require some interview sessions via email, where I will collect some notes for writing out the chapter. I will also need some high-res images, and some screen caps, as well as possible code-views.

The main format of the chapter will be something like this:
1) introduction of the artist(s) and background
2) creative process / inspirations / working methods
3) how/why flash is used
4) introduction of a particular work
5) step though a technical detail in the work

The book is to be produced over the course of 2006, with the release being in January 2007.
I still need about 6-8 artists. It is important that you have a body of work utilizing Flash (at least 3 or 4 projects).

While the chapter will have a breakdown of some technical process using Flash, my real passion for creating the book resides in the first part of each chapter, where the ideas and concepts are fully explored.

If interested, send an email with "Flash Book Inquiry" in the subject line -
and in the body of your email have a URL that showcases your work.

Doug Easterly

D o u g l a s E a s t e r l y
Assoc. Professor of Computer Art
Syracuse University / Transmedia
swamp.nu playfight@mac.com