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Upgrade! New York w/Boo Chapple and more

Upgrade! @ Eyebeam, 540-548 west 21st street (bet 10 & 11 Ave)

* THURSDAY, MAY 25, 7:00 PM *

1. Yucef Merhi & Deborah Mizrahi report on Canal and Upgrade!Caracas.

2. Boo Chapple: http://corpuseclectica.net/


1. Yucef Merhi and Deborah Mizrahi who run Canal and the Upgrade! Caracas will give a brief overview on how the current over-politicized climate in Venezuela is effecting artists and the role they see of Canal and Upgrade! in trying to subvert that (http://www.canalppc.org | http://www.canalppc.org/theupgrade).

2. Boo Chapple is an artist and researcher whose current practice deals with the uncanny nexus of life and non-life, information and matter operating in the contemporary techno-cultural arena. She will introduce her projects: I've Got Rhythm