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CALL FOR ENTRIES PixelPops! 2009

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 31, 2009, midnight


PixelPops! 2009 will be held in December in The Corridor, an exhibition space of BolteLang gallery (http://www.boltelang.com/home.html) in Zürich, Switzerland. This year’s curator is Aoife Rosenmeyer.

Note: All submissions must be made using the online form at http://www.poppingpixels.org/Submit/

The Corridor is a window space adjacent to BolteLang Gallery on Zürich’s main contemporary art street. The selected works will be shown on monitors situated inside the window, and viewed from outside. Preference will be given to artworks that relate to the theme and the viewing conditions. For example: works that reflect the aesthetics of desire and and the promise of what is unattainable (behind glass). Shop windows are orchestrated to attract customers and the exhibition screens will be windows within windows, once removed and therefore further away from viewers.

The window space will be visible during the gallery’s opening hours; during shorter days in December this will include at least an hour of dusk/darkness each day, during which the screens will be particularly prominent. Due to the location and likely cold weather, films must be silent (or still relevant if shown without sound) and shorter than 5 minutes in duration, though exceptions may be made.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: All submissions should be in the .MOV or .SWF formats. We will work with artists who have files in other formats as much as possible. All files will end up being converted into movies played on a DVD presented on screens in the gallery and looping from one to the next. Please remember to include your on-screen credits before of after your work.

FILE SIZE: 5MB MAXIMUM. Please send smaller versions of your files in the .MOV or .SWF formats. If work is accepted we may ask for a larger version to be sent via FTP or DVD.