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Siggraph 02 - Microarchitecture in-between San Antonio, Lausanne, Brussels and Berlin

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this week, fabric | ch launches electroscape.org @ SIGGRAPH 02 Art Gallery

First digital/critical/experimental_scape:

electroscape 001 [ http://www.electroscape.org/001/ ]

fabric | ch vs LAB[au] //in electroscape//

During 6 days, fabric | ch and LAB[au] *fight* with/in a pre-existing 3D microarchitecture.

Working from 4 places (San Antonio [USA], Brussels [Belgium], Berlin [Germany], Lausanne [Switzerland]), in 2 time zones (GMT-6, GMT+1), our purpose is to investigate digital and mutated landscape, mixed reality, infoscape and electromagnetic territories while experiencing new possibilities for architecture, new memes, new schemes of design.

electroscape 001 3D environment will be transformed *live* by fabric | ch and LAB[au]. What should emerge from this architecture in progress is the *crash* of 2 time zones and 4 places into one electronic architecture where the teams will become the *crash testers*, where they will investigate in real time distant collaboration and digital architecture production.

But the best is to experience it by yourself, so, if you cannot join us @ Siggraph, connect to http://www.electroscape.org

Best regards,
Christophe Guignard

: fabric | ch : electronic architecture :
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