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...a very loud silence - a series of short silent films

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 15, 2009, midnight
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…a very loud silence - …a series of short silent films.

aquaspace and Le Flash invite submissions for a …very loud silence - a series of silent films.

The screening will be presented on Oct 2nd 2009, as part of Le Flash, a one-night art event in Castleberry Hill, Atlanta, GA.

In this age of anxiety: speed, mobility, conformity, access, excess and convenience dominate our culture. Over saturation of sounds and imagery proliferate, questioning our ability to resist.
Conversely, the works in a …. very loud silence investigate the scope of emptiness, nothingness and the unspoken through manipulations of moving light.
Oct 2nd marks the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who maintained a vow of silence once a week.
This project is homage to the power of silence and the work of Gandhi.
We invite you to investigate the potential of silent moving imagery to reflect intimacy, poetic beauty, total fear or a quiet rebellion.

•Maximum running time per piece - 5 minutes.
•The piece could be digitized film, video, or animation and should reflect the concept of the
show and the vision of Le Flash
•Format- 720X540 or 480, Quick time (uncompressed), on a CD or DVD

•Brief statement on the piece (40 - 80 words)
•Brief bio (50-80 words)
•All text should be submitted as hard copies and on a CD as a Word document

September 15 (not postmarked)

Avantika Bawa
175 Mellrich Avenue
Atlanta, GA, 30317 USA

FOR MORE INFORMATION - avantika@drainmag.com

aquaspace - aquaspace is a not-for-profit art space previously housed in Savannah, GA. Founded by Avantika Bawa, it serves as a laboratory for cutting edge, multi media work that brings together divergent art practices in alternative environments. A laboratory not bound by the physicality of space, aquaspace now transcends this very idea, by adapting itself to spaces in various cities, and occasionally as the intangible in cyberspace

Le Flash -Le Flash is a one-night art event in Atlanta, GA. Curated by Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler, this experiential event (in its second year) will include a range of light inspired multi media works including performances, installations and interventions throughout Castleberry hill art district. http://leflash-atlanta.com/

…a very loud silence is likely to be screened at other venues in Mumbai, New Delhi and Portland, OR as well.