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  • Deadline:
    July 4, 2009, midnight
  • Location:
    New York

DEADLINE for contributions: SATURDAY 4th JULY 2009

in New York

Pan-demonium - a multi-media bricolage and bricologue exhibition curated by Gillian Whiteley

Pan-demonium exhibition/event opens THURSDAY 3rd September 2009 at AC [ Direct ] 547 West 27th St, Chelsea, New York.

AC is a non-profit lab and forum and for experimentation and critical discussion with the aim of advancing the understanding of art through investigation, research and education. It explores performative exchanges across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines. See www.artcurrents.org


Pan-demonium resonates with the current global political and economic situation - one in which the hegemonic forces of order have been overwhelmed by a dynamic of chaos and disorder, turning the world 'upside-down'. Pan-demonium aims to explore this through bringing together a cacophony of voices, sounds, text and visual imagery.

But what are the affective possibilities of disorder and noise (Michel Serres)? Does Pan-demonium offer a metaphor for a critique of global capitalism and its 'devils' - its pan-demons - in all their guises (pan-demics included)? Or might it offer a comment on the creative collective possibilities of political change and the re-mythologizing of the god Pan in a contemporary setting?

Can Pan-demonium provide a conduit to explore political and ideological implications and potentialities through bringing together a panorama of sounds, text and visual imagery?

This exhibition aims to investigate all possible understandings and interpretations. It explores randomness (John Cage), ‘sieve orders’ (Michel de Certeau) and ‘mess’ (John Law) through adopting bricolage methods and a makeshift aesthetic of presentation.

SUBMISSION: I invite you (individually or in collaboration with others) to participate in a temporary community of indisciplinary practice by creating visual, sonic and written responses to the idea of Pan-demonium. Please email them to gillian@bricolagekitchen.com See below for details. Full acknowledgment will be given to all selected contributions.

EXHIBITION : The exhibition will present selected responses in a bricolage (a multimedia installation) and an interactive bricologue - a dialogue space in which viewers will be invited to draw/write/pin up their response. A living and growing pan-archive of responses will then grow on my website. An ISBN publication will accompany and document the exhibition. This will include an introductory essay exploring historical, philosophical, political and aesthetic meanings and interpretations of Pan-demonium and implications for contemporary contexts by the artist-curator, Gillian Whiteley.

If you are interested, see below for more information and please submit a contribution. Please also inform other visual artists, soundsmiths and cultural activists about this open call.

If you want to sound me out about a contribution or have any queries, please email me, Gillian Whiteley, at gillian@bricolagekitchen.com

The Pan-demonium project acknowledges financial support from Loughborough University and AC Institute, New York.



Pan-demonium emerges from my ongoing research into bricolage and improvisatory techniques as a paradigm for research and practice (eg forthcoming book Junk : Art and the Politics of Trash (IB Tauris) and essay ‘Scavenging from margins to mainstream? Artist as bricoleur in the twenty-first century’ (University of Paris). See my website www.bricolagekitchen.com

Bricolage has various histories - from anthropological to cultural/artistic, from Claude Levi-Strauss to Steven Connor on postmodern culture. John Cage’s explorations of indeterminacy and the polarities of random/order have relevance and Michel Serres’ ideas on noise/clamour have informed the project. Serres writes about ‘fuzzy logic’ but ‘mess’ is increasingly being cited as a new paradigm in research methodology and is being transposed to other disciplines and creative practices. See John Law, After Method : Mess in Social Sciences Research, 2004

Artists, writers, musicians, activists and culture-jammers are invited to contribute visuals, sound or text-based work, in response to and provoked by the notion of Pan-demonium as, potentially, a global, contagious, affective phenomenon. Each respondent is asked to spread the 'virus' by passing the invitation to other artists and word/soundsmiths.

In the exhibition, viewers will be asked to particpate/contribute their own ideas/responses in text/visual form and create a 'bricologue' - this will be a wall on which people can pin up their thoughts/ideas jotted onto postcards and other materials supplied.

An opening event at AC Institute, Chelsea, New York on THURSDAY 3rd September 2009 with live sound improvisation performances/readings, will create a temporary space of multimedia Pan-demonia.


DEADLINE for contributions: SATURDAY 4th JULY 2009

1 Please supply a brief ‘biographical’ note about yourself (max 100 words). Please give name, association (place/institution or whatever you want), something about yourself/your practice or whatever you want.

2 Please supply a note of how you want your contribution to be credited/acknowledged.

3 Please see the technical specifications below. Please email me at gillian@bricolagekitchen.com if you have any technical queries at all.

Technical specifications:

PLEASE NOTE: In keeping with the makeshift ethic and bricolage aesthetic, low-tech methods of display and presentation will be adopted. Please send material through a file-sharing website if it has a large memory capacity. Wordlengths and parameters for images, moving image/sound are given below but these are flexible. Please note that the nature of the project means that it might not be possible to return items so please send copies and retain originals/copies.

Text: any text is acceptable - statements, quotes, remarks, aphorisms, comments, emailed text, lists, cut-ups, scribbles, doodles, scanned handwriting, graffiti, poems, rants, etc (max 500 words). All text will be printed out and pinned on the wall. Please ensure you have copyright clearance for all material.

Images: photographs, photomontage, drawings, etc. Please supply up to 5 jpegs – please specify preferred print-size (A4, A3 preferably). If its possible to send your jpegs via a free file-sharing website (eg www.box.net), please do so. Or please copy to a CD and email me for a postal address. All images will be printed/photocopied and pinned on the wall. Please ensure you have copyright clearance for all material.

Moving Image/Video: montaged stills, found footage, clips, video etc - preferred max 20 mins. Please send this to me on DVD by post. Please email me for a postal address. Or send your work via a free file-sharing website. Please ensure you have copyright clearance for all material.

Sound: blasts, scratchings, found sound, sonic improvisation, noise, etc. Preferred short pieces - but max 20 mins. Please send this to me in WAV or AISS files in 16 bit 44.1 khz format (Please contact me if your audio is in other formats as it might be ok). Please either copy to CD and email me for a postal address or send via a free file-sharing website. Audio will be collaged and presented via headphones/listening posts. Please ensure you have copyright clearance for all material.