Unnatural Selection - New Media Art in Regional Australia

Unnatural Selection

An exhibition of sculpture and installation driven and inspired by technology, re-creating and re-interpreting natural elements and environments.

Unnatural Selection challenges the crude capitalist mutation of Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' by creating a safe ecosystem for delicate technological hybrids to thrive. The works offer inspiration as well as insights into the mutualism of nature, the technological tools of our creation, and ourselves.

This is the first large scale new media art exhibition to take place at the Manning Regional Gallery, Taree (5 hours north of Sydney).


Melanie Foster - Moving to the Virtual Matrix
Matt Gardiner - Oribotics [Atom Generation]
Daniel Green - Experiments in Self Amusement - Level 1, I, Toy
Robin Petterd - Moments of Grey
Jasper Streit - Perceptual Screening III

Curated by Gail Priest


March 17 - April 16, 2006
Manning Regional Art Gallery
12 Macquarie St Taree, NSW, Australia