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Remote TV: Call for Submission

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 20, 2002, midnight

Stream on TV

The project remote-tv (http://www.remote-tv.de) successfully started
at 12.12.2002. On our last three sessions we had exciting collaborations
with superschool, pingfm and kanalB. We got allover great feedback, and
more and more people are interested to join. The show will go on
(until end of march) you are welcome to participate.
See below for details (open slots, technics, howto etc.).

Remote TV is an interactive TV format, which enables anybody to send audio
and video signals via the internet onto TV. The viewer becomes the
producer of his own TV show. Remote TV is currently exhibited at the
Filmmuseum Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin. Live and On Demand, Remote
TV shows are available on Public Access TV, the Filmmuseum Deutsche
Kinemathek and the Internet.

A multimedia PC with internet connection and a video camera is
everything that is needed to get started.
Additional information related to the presentation can be added to be
available on the Internet and on TV. The TV viewer can use
interaction tools for discussions.

Remote TV invites
to participate: from home onto TV and back home again.

A one hour video stream (Realmedia only) live or on-demand can be broadcast
on several public access TV stations across Germany (including
Berlin) and throughout the world. Remote TV can either show live or
On Demand Videostreams or a mix of both, up to you.
->EUR 100 will be paid for extra work on live productions.
->Showtime Sat - Sun 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CET

As the streams will be delivered in realmedia-format you need a recent
realmedia-encoder and player. If you want to do liveshows you can use
our realserver for broadcasting but also every realserver somewhere
in the world (for technical details please contact us). If you have
archived material just tell us the URL and we will rebroadcast it.

If you are interested please contact joy@streamminister.de
More Information: http://www.streamminister.de/remoteTV_invitation.PDF

Schoenhauser Allee 155
10435 Berlin

mailto: joy@streamminister.de

Tel.:++49 30 447 354 25
Fax :++49 30 446 538 72