call for cyberfeminist works


Call for cyberfeminist projects

This call is for work to be part of a exhibition exploring feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices across a broad range of disciplines and geographic borders. This project is being accomplished in conjunction with TheFeministArtProject and Rutgers University.

Formal usage of the term 'Cyberfeminism' occurred in 1992, with the publication the English cultural theorist Sadie Plant, and the appearance of the radical Australian feminist art group VNS Matrix. The two wildly diverse approaches employed by VNS Matrix and Plant laid the ground for the non-hierarchical, decentralized usage of the term cyberfeminism by artists and theoreticians as the movement developed through 1997. At that time a group of cyberfeminists (most notably Cornelia Sollfrank) formed the Old Boys, the 'first Cyberfeminist Alliance,' shortly after which they developed "100 Anti-Theses*" during the First Cyberfeminist International at Documenta X, an international exhibition of contemporary art. This project will begin with VNS Matrix and investigate the development of Cyberfeminist art practices during the last decade to the new, emerging Cyberfeminist artists.

function:feminism will draw it's inspiration from the writing of Swiss theorist and art critic Yvonne Volkart, a member of the Old Boy's network,.

"Cyberfeminism is a myth. A myth is a story of unidentifiable origin, or of different origins. A myth is based on one central story which is retold over and over in different variations. A myth denies ONE history as well as ONE truth, and implies a search for truth in the SPACES, in the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN the different stories. Speaking about Cyberfeminism as a myth, is not intended to mystify it, it simply indicates that Cyberfeminism only exists in plural."
–Yvonne Volkart


Identity, embodiment/disembodiment, the non-hierarchical networking, post-colonialism, biotechnology, computer technology

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