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Stasis_Space call for submissions

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 12, 2002, 1 a.m.

call for submissions

[ the palimpsest project > version 2.0 ]


Like an audio cassette that has been recorded upon too many times, a
palimpsest shows evidence of its past states of existence while
producing something entirely new with the combination of its inherent
layers of historical material.

The creation of an artistic palimpsest can take on many forms and
cover a variety of subjects. It may pose more questions than it
answers. It may be a thing of beauty or a jumbled mess. But it must
be infused with a sense of history, time and purpose.

The palimpsest project - which began when version 1.0 premiered on 30
September - seeks to create an ongoing series of digital palimpsests,
using an initial body of work as the basis for future work which will
reference each previous layer of content.


Artists are asked to visit version 1.0 of the exhibition, located here:

[ http://www.stasisfield.com/space/present ]

Upon viewing the exhibition, interested artists should choose a piece
to rework according to the following guidelines:

1. Taking into consideration the palimpsest concept [a detailed
explanation of which may be found at
participating artists should view the original pieces as SURFACES
upon which to create a new work. The surface should be erased, yet
still leave traces of the original work behind. The new work should
be created ON TOP of these traces while allowing them to show through.

2. Careful consideration of issues such as duration, image size
and/or functionality are crucial to the success of the project. The
original piece MUST be present in some way within the new piece in
order to merit inclusion within the upcoming exhibition.

3. While it is preferable that the new pieces remain the same media
as the original [i.e. a sound file should be re-interpreted as a
sound file, an image file as an image file, etc.], exceptions may be
made depending upon the final output.


+ To Submit a Proposal:

Please email a proposal (NOT finished work) for your final piece to
space@stasisfield.com. Your proposal should include the following:

1. Your name

2. The name of the original piece you will work from

3. The media of your final piece (i.e. mp3, flash file, digital photo, etc.)

4. A detailed description of your new version of the piece, including
details of the process you intend to work with and how your
additional work will relate to the original piece

+ Deadlines:
All proposals must be received by 6 January 2003. Artists to be
included in the exhibition will be notified of their proposal's
acceptance by 13 January 2003.

All accepted work must be received by 17 February 2003.

Final deliverable work will be accepted either on CD-R via
conventional mail or preferably a URL to its location online. Artists
whose works are accepted will receive more details about final
delivery with their acceptance notification.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

John Kannenberg
[ http://www.stasisfield.com/space ]
[ john@stasisfield.com ]