Second Annual “Digital Graffiti” Festival at Alys Beach

  • Deadline:
    April 30, 2009, midnight
  • Location:

2009 Call For Entries

Alys Beach invites digital artists to submit original works for the Second Annual “Digital Graffiti” Festival at Alys Beach, a juried digital art competition. All works and subject matter will be considered for projection at the 2009 festival, to be held on Saturday June 6th. Prizes will be awarded to winning entries (see categories below).

Stage 1: Initial Screening

All entries should be sent via email to by April 30, 2009. Your link should be easily viewable in a standard web browser, and launch with common plug-ins such as Flash or QuickTime.

There is no application fee and artists retain 100\% ownership of their work. Note that by submitting an entry, you do agree to allow Digital Graffiti and Alys Beach the right to use photographic reproductions of your artwork for promotional purposes, both in print and online.

You may submit more than one artwork, but each artwork requires its own entry information:

* Project Title
* Artist Name
* Year Produced
* Short description of project (200-300 words)
* Brief artist statement
* A list of any related images, documents, videos and/or URLs
* An artist cv/resume that includes your physical address, telephone number and email address
* Finally, indicate whether you will attend the festival on June 6, 2009; attendance is NOT required for eligibility.

Entries may include new or existing short digital videos, Adobe Flash animations, PhotoShop creations, YouTube clips or entirely new interactive concepts. To see examples of last year’s entries, go to

Stage 2: Finalists & The Selection Process

Submitting artists whose entries pass the first screening (“Finalists”) will be requested to send artwork in high-resolution QuickTime format (h.264) either via a provided FTP site or with a provided FedEx label. These finalists will be eligible for the competition on June 6, 2009 and their works will be displayed during the event.

Stage 3: Awards & The Festival

The 2009 Digital Graffiti festival will be held in Alys Beach, Florida on Saturday, June 6. Prizes will be awarded in various categories, as judged by a panel of art and industry experts:

* Best of Show ($2,000 Prize)
* Best Environmental Theme ($1,000 Prize)
* Most Experimental Submission ($1,000 Prize)
* Best Local Submission ($1,000 Prize - Sponsored by
* Audience Favorite ($1,000 Prize - Sponsored by

For more information, email us at or call 1-866-481-8390.