The Typographic Tree

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 5, 2003, midnight

Free admission
40 High Street, Brentford TW8
For Further information contact 0208 232 1010

Typographic Tree
By Digit
Wed 15 Jan - Mon 10 Feb, 2003

In the second dynamic multi media installation of the season, Watermans explores dynamic and fun ways for kids and adults alike to interact with computers in regular spaces.

Set in a highly naturalistic environment, where technology has been replaced with real grass and theatrical props, cutting edge New Media company Digit transmit a life size typographic tree. Drawn in by a collage of sounds, visitors engage with the life size digital tree to stimulate it’s growth.

Firstly, a small signpost invites users to sing to the mushrooms that sit on top of a 1.5m tree stump.

As soon as a visitor begins to use their voice – albeit singing or talking - a tree starts to grow. Using nothing but the tone and volume of your voice, you can control every aspect of the trees growth. It's size, complexity, colour and even the amount of flowers in bloom.

Their rising and falling tones cause the tree to evolve, twist and contort. Louder, more abrupt disturbances stimulate flora to bloom unexpectedly or disturb fauna far off in the distance. Being sensitive to the elements, twigs or letters smear and merge as rain falls or blow awry under the force of wind. Once saturated the tree sheds its characteristics in order to change form, tone and environment.

For those involved in creating their tree, it is a stunning experience. Visitors whisper, recite poetry and play their mobile phone rings to create a forest of individual trees. Each creation is added to the online gallery at where visitors can come to identify and cultivate their tree.

The Typographic Tree is the first in a series called 'Feed' by Digit, which explores the dynamic relationship between input and output between humans and computers. The use and role of information technology within peoples lives is taken for granted within certain scenarios yet limited to the mouse, keyboard, cashpoint or mobile phone.

Artists talk
Thurs 16 Jan, 2.30pm