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First Annual ARTHOUSE Juried Film & Video Festival

  • Deadline:
    March 20, 2009, midnight

In contrast to the multitude of film and video festivals predicated on commercial interests that celebrate work bereft of thought and filled with boring, regurgitated Institutional aesthetics, Arthouse is a festival developed to celebrate work that attempts to critique and subvert dominant modes of filmic and televisual representation.

Filmmaker Jean Luc-Godard once wrote, “one must put everything into a film”. There are no defined categories for Arthouse; no moments of anxiety as to whether or not you should choose the narrative or documentary or experimental boxes on the registration form. Entries are instead judged on their ability to resist categorization and how they define themselves in the spaces of their own making.

The festival debuts concurrently with ARTHOUSE, an annual arts event produced by the School of Art and Art History at the University of South Florida. Several awards will be determined by the jury including best of show and best regional work.

Entry criteria:

Entries can be of any length and must have been produced in 2007 or later. Work can be submitted on-line (see below), or on DVD (region one), mini DV or VHS formats. Please label all works with title, artist and duration. Please note that submissions will not be returned. Kindly enclose a signed registration form along with your entry. The form can be found at our website, www.arthousefilmandvideofest.com

Submission deadline: March 20th, 2009

On-line submission preferred. Please email a completed registration form and a URL where the entry can be viewed to info@arthousefilmandvideofest.com If selected, you will be provided information to upload your project via FTP.


Please mail copy of entry in one of the above formats and a completed registration form to:

Arthouse Film and Video Festival
University of South Florida
School of Art and Art History
4202 E. Fowler Ave
FAH 110
Tampa, FL 33620


Millie Niss March 3 2009 15:58Reply

Is there any way to participate remotely?

I would like to come if my submission were accepted, but I am sick & have a mobility disability. The project, not suprisingly, involves some performance with the overhead projector and also requires physical (easy to mail not too bulky) components in addition to online materials, but is it at all possible to perform remotely with a local assistant to operate the machinery?

There is a good chance that I could attend the festival which is by far what I would prefer since it sounds like an interesting event, but I hope there is some way to arrange a contingency plan. I will be collaborating with at least one person, but they have issues (financial, distance, family obligations) which also make travel to Sweden somewhat difficult, although again we'd all be very pleased to attend the conference if at all possible.

Is the conference site wheelchair accessible?

Millie Niss March 3 2009 19:28Reply

This was reposted by moderators in the wrong thread…should have been the overhead festival