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  • Deadline:
    March 19, 2009, midnight
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Call for Proposals: http://www.iraqimemorial.org
(or - http://www.iraqimemorial.org/arabic/)
Website, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition, Book

The Second Juror’s Review

Iraqimemorial.org is an ongoing, online call to action to artists, designers, architects, individuals or collaborators to propose concepts for the creation of memorials to the many thousands of Iraqi civilians killed in the War in Iraq. As of 2009, estimates range from 180,000 to over 1 million deaths in Iraq of non-combatants as a consequence of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. The project was first launched in the fall of 2007, the project is now going into the Second Juror’s Review. (The results of the First Juror’s Review are available on the site).

Muhammed Abdulla, Artist/Cultural Practicioner, UK
Cassandra Coblentz, Curator, Scottdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Julian Hunt, Architect Hunt/Laud Studio, Editor dcenter, Washington, DC
Ann Wolfe, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Nevada Museum of Art
Raul Zamudio, Independent Curator and Critic, New York City

Online Exhibition Archive:
All proposed memorial concepts are featured in a growing online exhibition/database of proposals accessible on the site. The public is invited to rate each entry.

Gallery Exhibition:
We are pleased to announce a scheduled exhibition of iraqimemorial.org project to be featured at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Nevada, Reno, February-March 2010. Proposals selected through the First and Second Juror's Review processes will be featured in the exhibition. Computer stations will as well be prominently featured in the gallery to facilitate public access to all proposals. A series of lectures, panels and other public events are scheduled to coincide with the exhibition.

The Iraqimemorial.org Book:
A catalog/book documenting the iraqimemorial.org project is to be published in concert with the opening of the exhibition at the Sheppard Gallery in 2010. The text will highlight juror's selections and include critical essays by invited scholars.

Guidelines for Entries:
This project seeks to highlight conceptions of memorials in the broadest context possible. All media and processes are to be featured on the project site, this includes but is not limited to experimental or traditional applications of: sculpture, architecture, installation, performance, murals, web art, digital art, photography, video, film, audio art, etc. Please visit the project web site for further detailed entry requirements and information.

Who May Submit Proposals?
All artists, architects, designers, individuals or collaborations are welcome and invited to submit proposals. Students are encouraged to participate. You must be at minimum 18 years old to participate in this project.

Deadline March 19th, 2009
The project is ongoing indefinitely. The next deadline, for the Second Juror’s Review, is March 19th, 2009, the sixth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

Contact: Joseph DeLappe, Project Director, delappe@iraqimemorial.org or delappe@unr.edu