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SUPERLOWREZ at vertexList, 8 bit music by David Kristian (Montreal) and Bit Shifter (NYC)

vertexList and BIT\_EDITIONS have the pleasure to present new media works by:

Joe Amrhein, Brian Conley, Matt Freedman, Kristin Lucas,
Jillian Mcdonald, Joe McKay, Jude Tallichet and Akiko Sakaizumi


Dec 17 2005 - March 14 206

Opening reception: Saturday Dec 17 7-10pm at vertexList.
Live 8 bit music performances by David Kristian (Montreal) and Bit Shifter (NYC) (opening 8.30 -10 pm, free admission)

Superlowrez is an experiment in re-visiting a historically significant moment when pixel and bitmap were in their infancy. vertexList and Bit Editions have asked eight artists: Joe Armhein, Brian Conley, Joe McKay, Kristen Lucas, Jillian Mcdonald, Akiko Sakaizumi, Jude Tallichet and Matt Freedman to generate content for custom build matrix of 12X14 pixels, resolution smaller than that of a cursor. Each animation contains 1984 frames, the memory limit of the chip used in production of the device.

The content of this Superlowrez edition reflects a variety of interests and themes that the participating artists have brought to the table. Joe Armhein continues to dissect the absurd lingo of art criticism while Brian Conley transforms a stream of animal brains into a gentle biomorphic flow. Matt Freedman and Kristen Lucas go for humorous, meticulous frame-by-frame stick figure animation. Jude Tallichet remakes the famous Empire State film by Andy Warhol. Akiko Sakaizumi plays with low-bit chickens and arcade game aesthetics. Jillian Mcdonald once again flirts with her virtual love obsession: Billy Bob Thornton. Joe McKay produces a low bit version of rock - paper - scissors.

The highly seductive medium of an LED light has been thoroughly examined in the history of contemporary art. Jenny Holzer’s sentences, Jim Campbell’s videos, Julian Opie’s geometrical pattern animations are just the most obvious examples. This time the glowing light of an LED is used to answer a simple question: how many (or, perhaps how few) pixels does it take to tell a story?

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