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vague terrain - dec. 30 w/ tomas jirku

friday december 30th…

tomas jirku vs. naw
live - dj / the killer vs. task
dj / ether.mann
video / serial consign

art bar.gladstone hotel
$5 / 9pm - 3am

On Friday Dec. 30th vague terrain is back at the Gladstone Hotel with another night of techno with a special pre-new year’s event with a pair of top-notch collaborations. We are very excited to play host to a rare Toronto appearance by Vancouver based Onitor & Traum recording artist Tomas Jirku. Tomas will be playing alongside long time collaborator and vague terrain resident naw to deliver a joint live performance. In keeping with this spirit of collaboration we will also be featuring a live/DJ set between Adam "the killer" (aka Adam Marshall) and DJ Task. Vague Terrain resident ether.mann will be opening the night up with a DJ set and animation and flash video will be provided by serial consign. Extensive artist information and MP3's are available on our events page at http://www.vagueterrain.net/content/events.html

It's also worth mentioning that Tomas Jirku contributed an EP worth of material to the first issue of our new digital arts quarterly - this material can be downloaded at http://www.vagueterrain.net/content/archives/journal01/jirku.html