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Press Release:

'the cyber-kitchen' (http://www.the-cyber-kitchen.com) a collaborative net artists installation opens Tuesday 23rd July.

Curated and created by UK independent net.artist Jess Loseby (rssgallery.com, The Digital Pocket Gallery and furtherfield.org) and run on a budget of 50p and a packet of crisps - the project reaches in to the corporate,
impersonal space of the internet and quite literally drags you down into the dirty dishes…

33 artists (established and emerging) based in the UK, USA, Romania, Spain, Croatia, France (amongst others) open the project with new works being added daily. The artwork includes digital photography, video, interactive animation, digital painting and text-
based projects. Artists are invited to choose an 'object' within the cyber-kitchen for interpretation and inspiration. The cyber-kitchen includes a 'hob' where interactive poetry laments the lover that will never cook, a 'dark doorway' that takes you out of the the kitchen and
down a human throat, a 'teapot' that both ridicules and celebrates the tea-drinker and a mouse-hole, where inside the mice are planing domination of the kitchen…and then rest of the world!

Kate Armstrong, Nancy Bechtol , Amie Bolissian, Brad Brace , Susan Burgess,Samantha Caine, Damon Cleary, Nicolae Comanescu , Jo Cook , Lilian Cooper, Anna Cecile Gabali, Pierre Gauvin, Gez, Neil Jenkins, Judson, Sarah Klein, Jess Loseby, Jorge Margolles, Maya, Joseph Franklyn McElroy & Donna McElroy, Mr.Milk, Simon Morse, Linda Munday, Owen Plotkin, Roslyn Rose, Ernesto Sarezale, Laurent Sauerwein, S'unya, Pamela G. Taylor, Floe Tudor, Jeremy Turner, Mona Vatamanu
An ongoing project, the cyber-kitchen is accepting submissions for new 'objects'. The cyber-kitchen can be found at:
Jess Loseby cab be contacted at:
or jess@rssgallery.com