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vagueterrain.net 01: digital detritus

Announcing the launch of http://www.vagueterrain.net

Vague Terrain is a new quarterly web-journal showcasing work from various Canadian and International artists, musicians, and writers. Our intent is to stake a unique claim which will sample the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals while commissioning parallel excursions in the sonic realm. The first issue of Vague Terrain is now online and features contributions related to the theme of "digital detritus" from: des cailloux et du carbone, greg lynn form, intercom, kero, liav koren, willy le maitre & eric rosenzveig, neil hennessy, robin armstrong, tasman richardson, tony scott (aka beflix), and tomas jirku.

This notice serves as a statement of intent. We plan on carving out a unique niche for ourselves not only on the net, but through a series of upcoming Toronto based, immersive electronic music showcases which will feature a blend of aural and visual work in a live environment. We hope to provide a platform through which established and emerging artists can promote their work online, and stimulating event-spaces where mediums and disciplines intersect.

Greg Smith