Mikon Hall of Worlds

· Type of Production: immersive realtime ecological simulation.

· Title of production- Mikon Hall of Worlds

· Brief description or synopsis: Mikon, listed on the rhizome.org ArtBase, is a micro-museum of computer and voice driven kinetic sculpture, sound, and a viewer-manipulated virtual zooarium of imaginary life forms. Inspired by the Wunderkammern of the 18th century, Mikon is a super-condensed macrocosm, a storefront cabinet of curiosities. Mikon seeks to instill the wonder of speculative biology in its viewers, who have both the opportunity to animate aspects of the exhibition and to observe the unpredictable behavior of its components.

· Ticket prices: $5 general admission

· Box office phone number: 3472457078

· Producer: Collective Unconscious Sub Group IFAM

· Where: 279 Church St. just south of White St, Tribeca, NY, NY, USA

· When: Sunday November 13, 2005 at noon

· Online Info: http://www.ifam.net/mikon/