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exhibition Borderline

The Open Studio of the Arts & Media Assoziation MEDEA is going to present new artworks at the exhibition BORDERLINE.
Aside from works made in the Open Studio the main emphasis is put on the 2005 tour through Poland with a stay in Gdansk at Whyspa.

exhibition: Kliemsteinhaus, Obere Donaulande 15, 4020 Linz, Austria
artists: Martin Kollros, Carola Unterberger-Probst, Christina Hartl-Prager, Anderea Reisinger, Elvira Kurabasa, Sissi Wunder, Ralph Aichinger, Anthony Wagner

program guide:
01. Dezember: Vernissage with Absurd Buffet
02. Dezember: evening - live musik (John Silver)
03. Dezember: evening - VJing & DJing (presentation of audiovisual works)
04. Dezember: evening - Soiree with perfomance & reading
(dinner and presentation of theoretical and poetic works)
05. Dezember: Finnisage

http://servus.at/medea (MEDEA)
http://servus.at/medea/projekte/polen (>Open Studio< On Tour)
http://donauschule.at (Kliemsteinhaus)

During the (de)construction of different cultural codes, these pieces of culture are again connected and rewritten with new contents. Apart from music, dance and performance, intermedial forms define the center. The overlap of the generic borders means at the same time an excess of the contexts, conventions and institutions connected with these kinds. The actions design themselves in the area, run off process led and dynamically. The confrontation of the public in everyday life with an unexpected topic, at an unusual place, is basis of the artistic process. A goal of MEDEA is the diversity of cultur.

The Open Studio sees itself as a fin between the trivial concerns of an art- and humanities interested public which is looking for an adequate place to work, and a state of developing concretely projects. Artists and theoreticians can come across to eachother for exchanging their experiences. This is possible because of the overlapping of different categories and the openness of the studio. To create a concourse where interested people can exchange their ideas and minds without longtermed or complicated developments is one of the aims. Another important point is to provide them the possibility of presenting their work and notions. This is granted because of the informal scope of the studio which is giving the opportunity of discussions, talks between artists and visitors and even between artist and artist. Additional the Open Studio goes on tour annually.
The Open Studio presents every year new works at an exhibition.