• Deadline:
    June 30, 2009, midnight

ArsRSS maintains a searchable database of approximately 120 RSS news feeds dedicated to the visual arts and new media. It re-reads the feeds every four hours, caches them, so that they are immediately available; and it creates a database of just about all of the words found in the feeds. This makes for extremely fast searches across feeds and for fast access to individual feeds.

You can also create your own individualized news feeds, based on your own search criteria. ArsRSS will create a dedicated feed url which you can plug into your news reader, and every time the news reader updates the feed, ArsRSS will do a new search and bring back the most recent results.

At present, what you see when you come to the site is the "front-end" of the project. But the behind-the scenes, ArsRSS is a database project and keeps track of such things as: the terms queried, the frequency with which they are queried, where the queries come from geographically, and how often the individual feeds are accessed. The aim is to get some understanding of what interests us, what we consider worthwhile news, whether there are topics that are of more interest in some parts of the globe than in others, etc. Since I initiated the site, people have begun to use it. But the more people who make use of it, the richer its results.