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Being there: a call for submissions

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 15, 2002, 1 a.m.

Being there: an open submission on-line project

Being There is under the umbrella of Not TV (www.not-tv.org). It is a project to explore the overlap of physical and on-line virtual space, by facilitating the creation of artworks that are made specifically in part or in whole for the space that will be available online at: www.not-tv.org/beingthere.html.

Not TV is an Internet based environment that has the appropriate system to web cast moving images live and as pre-recorded video streams over the Internet. Not TV uses this ability as a tool with which to enable the creation of new work and working practice, not just as a method of documentation of events that occur. Not TV web casts at a rate that makes it possible to be viewed from 100 different points anywhere in the world, at any one time on a modem of 56k or above. This is kept to a minimum so that it is available to as many people as possible, in order for Not TV to be as inclusive as it can be. The main purpose of Not TV is to promote artwork made specifically for the Internet using new media as a medium.

Being There is a project under the umbrella of Not TV. It is concerned with the idea of transcending space. With modern forms of communication (for example the telephone, television and the Internet) there is a bridging of physical space, enabling people to communicate with each other without physically being in the presence of each other. Being There refers to the term telepresence, where a person has the sense of being present at a distance. For this project the viewers are in the presence of the artwork, wherever they physically are when they view the work.

Not TV is looking to host art works, which are concerned with the transcendence of space and the use of new media. We are also asking for submissions of papers written around the topics raised, to add to critical discourse around the topic of the Internet. All works will be created in whole or in part using a medium that is compatible with the web site Not TV, this can include any form of html, or streaming media, with emphasis on streaming media.

All submissions must be able to be viewed over the Internet through a 56k modem. All moving image and performance work will be streamed at the current rate that can be seen on Not TV, and due to Internet traffic it has to be work that can survive or utilise the process of Internet streaming where images can be non fluid and blured. Please look at the archive page on Not TV (www.not-tv.org).

Please send all project briefs, including, title or project, length, format and your name and contact details by 13th December to: