Tate commision- Border Xing by Heath Bunting

Heath Bunting will develop a new work in a series that is currently underway at www.irational.org/borderXing/. In this series, he carries out border crossings in Europe, locating specific national boundaries and undertaking walks that traverse them without interruption from customs, immigration, or border police. The walks are documented with notes and photographs. Bunting’s walks recall the work of Hamish Fulton and Richard Long and can be seen as contributing to the tradition in conceptual art that takes as its subject themes of landscape and space. Crucially though, these walks question political, economical and juridical aspect of travel. The work will continue to develop throughout the year.

Tate has also commissioned a supporting text by Florian Schneider which will be on the Tate site from 1st July. http://www.tate.org.uk

Heath Bunting:
Biography – http://www.irational.org/cgi-bin/cv/cv.pl?member=heath