vague terrain 26/08 - toronto

This is just a brief reminder that after a 3 year hiatus, the event
promotion organization formerly known as clonk returns to Toronto on
Friday August 26th with the first in a series of events under a new
moniker; Vague Terrain. Vague Terrain will serve as a promotional vehicle for forward thinking electronic music/arts events in Toronto and digital arts online as a quarterly journal.

This evening will featuring live performances from..

tinkertoy - lautmaschine / noise factory recordings
naw - noise factory recordings / vague terrain
aidan baker -
video by robin armstrong

Friday August 26th/2005
toronto @ art bar / the gladstone hotel
limited capacity
$5 / doors open @ 9pm
1214 queen st. west

For more information please take a look at our URL our online flyer or contact us at

The first issue of will be launched this
October and it will be dedicated to an exploration of digital detritus.

The next vague terrain event is scheduled for Saturday September 24th and will feature a live PA from Vancouver Based Zora Lanson recording artist Granny'Ark, Spider Recording's Akumu, & naw.

Artist Information…

tinkertoy - noise factory recordings/

Tinkertoy is a Toronto based duo comprised of Andrew Wedman and Paul
Shrimpton. Both Andrew and Paul came from classical music backgrounds to
form Tinkertoy in 2000 – a project that has since evolved into a unique
style of washy, sometimes melodic techno. Tinkertoys music is about the
discovery of beauty in sundry noise. Their sound palette is developed
through an extensive process of sampling outdoor environments and
natural instruments and remodeling those samples using their
own-programmed software. Tinkertoy's sound is always based on
experimentation, and they bring this approach to their live performances.

naw - noise factory recordings / vague terrain /

Montreal native Neil Wiernik currently living in Toronto, began his
explorations in electronic music making as early as 1988. Known to push
the boundaries of his musical form from designing new or manipulating
existing sound making devices and software to creative uses of production environments and sound sources, naw's music is a blend of
sound manipulation/design, experimental music and dub-tech rhythms, which on the surface sound quite simple, but incorporate a number of touches that steer this artist away from being simply another minimal techno or experimental laptop artist. He combines post-house, dubby minimal techno, microsound and thick ambience, to create his own version of deep techno, house and other electronic laptop oriented music. Neil has released music on various national and international record labels,
including releases on Noise Factory, Complot, Clevermusic, Piehead and
Pertin_nce. As naw, Neil has performed extensively along side a variety of national and international artists both in and outside of Canada. In 2004 and 2005 naw will released his follow up noise factory record full length called: "green nights orange days", as well as a full length outing with Pertin_nce Records called: "terrain vague". These two records find Neil at his deepest, dubbiest and most experimental sounding yet. The release of these records will coincide with a series of North American and European tour dates through out 2005.

aidan baker -

Aidan Baker is a Toronto-based musician and writer. As a solo artist, he explores the deconstructive possibilities of the electric guitar creating music that ranges from &/or encompasses ambient/experimental to
electronica to post-rock. He has released numerous albums on such labels
as Drone Records, Piehead Records, Zunior Records, & Die Stadt Musick.