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Course announcement: the 3rd Annual European Network Revolution: How Can Non-profit Organisations Use the iternet?

The third Annual " European Network Revolution”
How can non-profit Organisations use the Internet? MEDIA 5
23-27 August 2002, Amsterdam.
In collaboration with the European Internet Seminars Association in co-operation with ISOC, Dutch Chapter and Van Dusseldorp & Partners BV

Internet has turned into an important communication and business medium for millions of users in Europe. With the growing experience of the user, the development of and demand for sophisticated services grow as well. Audio and video to support "text only" information, interactive services to engage the user and e-commerce offerings have developed in the "for profit" world over the past years. Now it is the turn of the non-profit sector to turn their websites into interactive media, with which new audiences can be reached and new fundraising streams will be generated.

This seminar aims to give a clear overview of the opportunities the Internet has to offer to non-profit organisations - both large and small ones. The seminar will focus on recent Internet and broadband developments in Europe, and will include sessions on fundraising via the Internet, developing alternative media channels and workshops on website development and communications strategies. Lectures and workshops will be given by experienced practitioners. Not only will the seminar be a showcase of what is possible on the Internet, but will also give in-depth information on how to implement new technologies and how one can afford them.

Applicants should return the completed and signed application form no later than 1 August to the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, PO Box 53066, 1007 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands (fax +31 20 624 9368).

For more information please visit the course URL: http://www.amsu.edu/courses/media/media52002.htm
contact Mr. Ruggero Lala at the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, T+31.20.620.0225, F+31.20.624.9368, email ruggero.lala@amsu.edu

PROGRAMME (provisional)

Session 1:
Web site development: building effective sites that keep the user engaged
This session will help non-profit organisations to build more effective websites which make the user come back for more. Case studies will outline areas such as user-friendliness, the effect of design and actuality.
Users are no longer satisfied with "brochureware" websites that statically wait for someone to visit them. To be successful, sites have to engage the user and be able to build relationships with its supporters. How can you make your site a two-way channel? This section will be a practical guide to implementing chats, e-campaigning, discussion forums, blogging and personalisation.

Session 2:
Up close and personalised: e-mail marketing
The next generation direct mail is e-mail marketing. This session will outline the do’s and don’ts of email marketing and how to create effective newsletters and strategies. How can email marketing be integrated into the rest of the communication activities and how to make the switch from offline to online marketing? How, why and when do you start a viral marketing campaign? And is "cold email" the next generation cold acquisition? Our direct marketing experts will give an overview.

Session 3:
Real money from the virtual world? Fundraising and e-commerce on your website
Online fundraising is still a small portion of total fundraising, but it is steadily growing. This session explores how fundraising can be effectively integrated into a website. It will give an insight into the demands of the user when it comes to transparency and privacy. And how exactly do you build online trust?
More and more organisations get entrepreneurial and raise extra funds through e-commerce offerings on their site. What the possibilities are, how to market real goods but also digital goods is the topic of this section. Case studies will be used to give practical examples.

Session 4:
From fun to fundraising: online lotteries, auctions and malls. Is it worth the trouble?
Charity auctions and charity malls have existed in the US and the UK for years now. Are these concepts bringing in any real cash? Is it worth the trouble? What are the possibilities in Europe?
Complete online lotteries are a relatively new phenomenon, and not yet legal in all countries.
The company behind the extremely successful Dutch charity lottery "Postcodeloterij" (among others) has come up with an online venture. Learn more about it in this session.
And: is all of this only interesting for the big players? How can small organisations participate?

Session 5:
Increase the traffic: how to drive users to your site
There you are with a fully interactive and dynamic site. Now you want people to use it! A lot of them! This session will give you ideas on how to find new audiences.
Websites are not stand alone objects, but need to be integrated into the overall communication policy. The offline environment strengthens the online environment and vice versa. The use and usefulness of online pureplay strategies will also be discussed, from good old banner advertising to media partnerships.

Session 6:
Let the pictures tell the story: the effects of video and audio online
In this session the impact of video and audio will be discussed. Video and audio delivers the message to the user’s doorstep, bringing the organisation’s message to life.
But is it not really complicated and expensive to get this sort of show on the road? Our streaming specialists will explain how smaller organisations can also make use of streaming technology.

Non-nerdy technology updates
The updates explore important developments in Internet technology, explained in a way that is also interesting to those who have little technology knowledge. This section will give the participants an insight into the pros and cons of these technologies and what they could add to a web presence.
Update 1: What’s the deal with open source software and application service providers?
Update 2: Internet payment trends – there is more to payment than accepting a credit card. How can safe payment be guaranteed? And what is so different about micro-payment?

Workshop: Analyse this!
On the last day, the participants will take the challenge and analyse websites themselves! Find the good and bad points, and give advise on what could be improved and how it should be implemented. The results will be compared and discussed between the participants and the expert panel.

Interactivity? Yes please!
Participants are being encouraged to submit their questions and problems with the Internet and its applications. The issues raised will be integrated into the sessions.
Along the same line, we also welcome everybody’s experiences of working with the Internet, be it campaigning and fundraising examples, successful applications or complete failures.

Invited speakers:
Brian Oostenbrink, Direct Marketing Consultant, RappCollins E-Spring
Jason Potts, Director, THINK Consulting
Joost Schuijff, Founder, Bibit
Loes de Vos, De Nieuwe Omroep
Margriet Koldijk, COO, Goodlot/Novamedia
Marjon Agema, International Business Manager, In Medias Res
Monique van Dusseldorp, CEO, Van Dusseldorp & Partners
Romy Boesveldt, New Media Adviser, Noterik & Doonder