• Deadline:
    Nov. 4, 2008, midnight
  • Location:
    New York


Organized by Lee Wells and everyone else

Perpetual Art Machine, Artists Meeting, IFAC-ARTS and YouTube come together to call all artists and culture workers to action for this unique and timely online participatory exhibition.


MAD AS HELL is a conceptual media action and online art event, very loosely based on Sidney Lamet’s 1976 film Network, starring Peter Finch as Howard Beale. Network is a film where a TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor's ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit. Beale screams to his viewers, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” Unfortunately for Beale the network is just taking advantage of him.

This time that cannot happen because we are the network, we control our message, means of production and distribution. Over thirty years later, the Internet offers all of us a very powerful tool to not only disseminate our messages but infiltrate and challenge the existing media system at large on a global scale.

MAD AS HELL calls out to all artists to submit videos 15 seconds - 1 minute that says something about the current state of the world today. We leave this open to your interpretation and good judgment.
Examples such as: war, poverty, genetics and global warming, to the elections of world leaders and the rapid transitions taking place in our new global and local world. Everything is fair game and the time is now to say something. There is some crazy shit going down and we need EVERYONE to help save the world and put it back on course. This is a Call to Duty !!!!


Requirements for Participation
1.Tell Someone, at least one person, about this project that you think might be interested in taking part in MAD AS HELL.
2.Say Something, Do Something or Make Something in video.
3.Create an account on, if you haven’t already
4.Post your videos to your account on YouTube.
REQUIRED Keywords: politic, global, local, video, art, pam
(please add any additional keywords to distinguish your artwork)
Your Movie Pitch, concise statement (10 words or less)
5.Join, if you haven’t already.
6.Link to your YouTube videos in your PAM profile video gallery.
7.Cross-link to your YouTube and PAM profiles with your profile urls.
8.PARTICIPATE - This is where the fun starts !!!!!
Search for other MAD AS HELL participating artists on YouTube and PAM and become FRIENDS, RATE, SHARE, COMMENT, and FAVORITE your favorite videos.
9.CREATE CURATED PLAYLISTS of videos you find on YouTube that you feel are important to share with others. Feel free to include videos not associated with the MAD AS HELL Exhibiton.
10. SHARE your videos with your friends on MySpace and Facebook.
11. If you are an American, PLEASE VOTE on NOVEMBER 4th !!!
12. Have Fun.

Although this exhibition is primarily based on the Internet there are a couple opportunities to get your work screened in real live physical art world locations in New York City and Moscow.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2008 - Artists Meeting - YouTube Slam/Party
Postmasters Gallery, New York.
Performance begins at 7 pm - seating is limited

Artists Meeting invites the public to create 10 minute long playlists of their favorite YouTube videos.
Here's the ground rules;
1) Use your existing YouTube account or open a new one.
2) create a playlist of short videos total length 10 minutes.
3) give playlist a title or theme
4)publish playlist on your YouTube account and send the link to:

AM members will select from submitted playlists and present the best ones mixed in with Artists Meeting playlists as well as a free style match at the YouTube slam on Nov.8th.

National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow.

Based on a number of different variables and statistics PAM will select from MAD AS HELL submissions to be featured on the website installation while on exhibit at NCCA Moscow as part of the DRIFT video exhibition, curated by Lee Wells.

Most importantly MAD AS HELL is about the message that all of us have and our ability to share it not only with each other but to disseminate it beyond the gallery and beyond the museum into the real world and just maybe make a difference. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Press Contact: Lee Wells - lee (at)
For more information please visit