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Digart_world chat room, art event in progress

Using ivisit software, I created a video chat room Installation. Anybody is welcome to partecipate to my project, starting from june 21th to july 6th, 2005. Go inside the art section using ivisit software(www.ivisit.com), and look for Digart_world.
You can web cast video, sound, or live events, or just chat with us.

Main thopics of the discussion are:

Art and language:
Short term predictions on the creative potential of the Internet.
If creating on the internet is an art form, have you already seen a masterpiece?
What specifically distinguishes net.art from other art forms?
Does the Internet truly transform the dimensions of space and time?

Social themes:
Chat: love and sex online. Only a game or something serious?
The diffusion of works of art online. Who earns and who loses?
What about trying to limit criminality and online terrorism?
The future of technoscience: more robot? more web? more teletransport?

Political ideological themes:
Internet rhymes with democracy or anarchy or dictatorship?
There are those who say monitoring the Internet is not political control.
The hackers. They are the defenders of freedom? Or more like criminals?
Whoever spies or uses telesurveillence online, show yourselves.
We hope access and connectivity online brings peace.