Small Group Show - FLOW

  • Deadline:
    July 10, 2008, midnight
  • Location:
    New York

Call for Submission:
Broadway Gallery ( is looking for an interested artist to be a part of a small group show entitled “FLOW” that will run from July 15-30, 2008. If any artists are interested in being a part of this group show in SOHO, NYC please send an e-mail to the shows Curator - Christine Kennedy ( with a link to your images online and stating your interest in participating in the show. We would love to have an artist within the New York area as it is such short notice. We will decide an artist Thursday evening. Thank you for your interest!

“The exhibition seeks to express the desire of flow; these artists capture “flow” with works that succeed in reconfiguring the boundaries between the work, its fictional space, and the world of experience. New constellations emerge, unsettling the distinction inside/ outside. The effect of flow is conveyed as the ebb and flow of information, nomadic systems, appropriated cultural memory bits, hybrid identities, and psychedelic scopic pleasure, movement, fluidity, interrupted and fissured.”

Ethan Ham July 8 2008 14:31Reply

This is a vanity gallery.