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SymbioticA Biotech Art Workshop


SymbioticA Biotech Art Workshop
20-24 June 2005
At University of Wollongong, Faculty of Creative Arts and
School of Biological Sciences.

A five day intensive workshop dealing with hands on exploration of biological
technologies and issues stemming from their use. Through the arts, SymbioticA
seeks to take science beyond the laboratory and help the public develop a
critical awareness of science and new biological technologies. The
workshop will
introduce participants to issues, concepts and techniques relating to
contemporary art practices dealing with the manipulation of life. Emphasis is
placed on developing critical thought, ethical issues and cross-disciplinary
experimentation in art. Current and historical practices dealing with the
manipulation of living systems will be traced through exploring art,
culture and
biotech. The tools of modern biology will be demonstrated and perfomed through
artistic engagement, which in turn will open discussion about the broader
philosophical and ethical implications into the extent of human intervention
with other living things. The practical components include DNA extraction and
fingerprinting, genetic engineering, selective breeding, plant and
animal tissue
culture and basic tissue engineering techniques.

Please note that a public seminar around bioart and ethics will be
held on Day 1
of the workshop from 2-5pm, which will be open to the public. For
further information
please check UOW website closer to the date.

Places are limited to 20. 6 places remaining

Cost $150/ 100 (concess) (including GST) for the five day intensive including
tutorials, lab space, consumables.

Tea and Coffee provided.

Prepared and presented by Oron Catts and Gary Cass, SymbioticA, School of
Anatomy & Human Biology and the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural
Science, The
University of Western Australia.

For all information, please contact:
Catherine Fargher email: iristorm@ozemail.com.au
Phone: + 61 02 93145121.

To register contact:
Sarah Powell: sarahp@uow.edu.au
Phone +61 02 4221 5853.

Information on workshop, seminar can also be found at the UOW website:
http://www.uow.edu.au/crearts/, accommodation at
http://www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation/ and maps at