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OPTICA 2005 - International encounters of video art and photography


To follow the path leading to Video-art and Contemporary Photography unavoidably implies examining the way we look at things. A way of looking that over the years has changed to reveal its complicity with history and its discursive potential translated into a cultural image.

Looking is not only a habit covering things outside ourselves, but rather this close relationship with our surroundings also corresponds to an internal laboratory. This inner quality becomes a register of the collective memory in the act of portraying us “from within”, with our own reality.

From our Collective we aim to create a space of inter-relations and divulgation allowing the general public to approach the world of Video-art and Contemporary Photography.

OPTICA is born with the ambitious objective of situating itself as an essential point of reference within the artistic-cultural circuit of our region of Asturias. We want it to become a space open to anyone interested in knowing more about contemporary audio-visual culture. In this way, we want to connect the new audio-visual trends and to try to establish a symbiotic relationship between creators and their surroundings.

OPTICA is a current inventory of attitudes, characterised by the eclecticism necessary in order to understand the future. We observe and portray what passes before our eyes, because never again will it happen.

In this context, we propose a model of research and divulgation based on a structural review of the new audio-visual currents, through a process of exploration implying the conception of an open space, in which creators and the public can interact.

More information at: http://www.opticafestival.com/