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summer public lecture series


‘humans are not the centre of life…humans are not even central to life’ -
bionomics and its pertinence to
contemporary art, architecture, and design

3rd May, 5-7pm,
University of the Arts, London
Room 205, 65 Davies Street, London W1

Ajaykumar’s talk interrogates symbiotic, non-anthropocentric, approaches to art, architecture, and design practice; the manifestation of these disciplines as ontological practice; and a perception of architecture existing only in an inter-relation of built edifice, humans who frequent it, and a wider landscape.

Ajaykumar works as an academic at Goldsmiths, University of London; artist; furniture and garden designer for his own company, shapes-design. shapes-design engender gardens, furniture, and lighting that comes into ‘being’ through the manipulation and ’play’ of others.

shapes-design is exhibiting some of its works such as cute micro garden, at Imagination, Function, Production, The Study Gallery, Poole, UK, 19 March - 14 May 2005. This significant design exhibition ‘explores and celebrates the advancements in design excellence’. For details see: www.thestudygallery.org.

shapes-design is also creating luminescence - a garden of the night and day with the Peabody Trust, for one of its estates in London, in association with the Royal College of Art.

TrAIN is a joint research centre, of Chelsea and Camberwell Schools of Art, in the field of ‘transnational art, identity & nation’.
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