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Mapping your own Manhattan


My new project, FoundCity, is a collective mapping tool that lets people map any point in Manhattan from their cell phone, and attach a folksonomy tag to that spot. These points can then be seen by everyone at www.foundcity.net, where visitors to the site can generate maps of the city by keywords or by usernames, and surf from keyword to keyword, or user to user, learning what individuals like about the city as they go.

This Sunday, May 1st, I am holding a FoundCity Walk, to kick off the project. The walk will start in Chelsea, and go wherever we want it to. As we walk we will map and tag things that interest us. If you are interested in coming and mapping your own personal Manhattan with us, I would love to have you along.

The walk begins at 1 PM. We will meet at the Paradise Cafe, 139 8th Ave., just north of the W. 14th st. subway station (take A, C, E or L lines). To spot me, look for the guy with the orange backpack.

If you have any questions, please email me at jbgeraci _at_ yahoo.com. And please check out the site (don't use Safari) at http://www.foundcity.net.

I hope to see you there!

John Geraci