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Visual Thinks2

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 10, 2002, 1 a.m.

Your thoughts needed.
I'm undertaking research and development of a hypertextual narrative exploring associative connections via think-tanking (aka brainstorming). The piece has developed from a 'single word'
this has provided a series of text descriptors. The intention is to display a series of visual images which have been submitted as part of the final artefact. Through the interaction of the user/viewer the images in the piece will be displayed demonstrating and contributing to the development and interpretation
of the word/words in the descriptors.
If you would like to contribute (recognition/ anonymity will be
acknowledged). I am looking for image contributions in the form of JPGs
(max 300x300pixels) which would represent a word
or words within the descriptors. B/W & colour appreciated.

Please supply Identification /reference for sources sent as these will be credited in final piece
Thanks in advance
Descriptors 1; Icon, silverscreen, religion.
Descriptors 2; Survival.
Descriptors 3; Propoganda, mis-information.
Descriptors 4; Sex, mistress, lover.
Descriptors 5; Corporate, institutional,rules.
Descriptors 6; Subliminal; subconscious, freedom.
Descriptors 7; Procreation; marriage.
Descriptors 8; Species, continuation
Descriptors 9; Secret.
Descriptors 10; Media.
and many thanks again