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invitation to electronic artists

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 7, 2003, midnight

To electronic artists of any nationality


Type of workInternet projects
SubjectRelationship of city-media-nature
Deadline for preliminary proposal2 December 2002
Deadline for finished project14 March 2003

Electronic artists of any nationality are invited to reflect on the relationship between the city and nature through electronic art represented in Internet projects. Your proposal should invite the spectator to reflect on nature in cities. We are looking for work which represents a real-life city, not an abstract one. The project should contain recognizable features such as parks, a tree, canals, aqueducts etc. i.e. the environment in which the work is developed should be a representation of real natural features and not simply an artificial space created by demonstration software. The work may be based on considerations of the environment (climate, water, hills or other geographical points of reference, flora, nature in the city). Other features (cultural social or political) may form part of the subject matter, provided that they are interwoven with the impact that they have on nature.


Q. What should I send by 2 December?

A. 1. Send the Pre-Project Form and a demo of an initial and a secondary page. The Pre- Project form can be downloaded from out webpage http://www.goethe.de/hn/bog/

Explanation. Complete the Pre-Project Form with a complete description, including a script of content, a small demo with an initial page and a secondary page, a list of software tools to be used and an estimated completion date (not later than 14 March 2003). This information may be used in any way the Committee thinks fit in connection with the evolution of the event.


2. Projects which document work materialized in the open air will not be considered.

3. Work based on photographic documentation of natural processes will not be considered. The starting point of the project may be a natural image but its development must be virtual. For example, a project which provide photographic documentation of the effect of the August winds on a line of trees in a Bogota avenue, i.e. which collects up photographs taken every three days to see the changes in the tree, with the photos digitalised and intervened, will not be acceptable. But a project which starts with a photograph of a tree and virtually describes the life-cycle of that tree, would be acceptable.

4. The two parallel events 'City Art Nature