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Czolgaj Sie - Cellphone & Desktop Formats

Czolgaj Sie is not about prostitution - although it could be. Rather, it addresses gender issues in Poland, and the world generally.

Czolgaj Sie is a poem by Polish outsider poet Marcin Swietlicki. Graphic artist Cezary Ostrowski created an eight-panel graphic to accompany the poem. Then, to a reading of the poem by Swietlicki, Ostrowsky created a musical background in an electronic music genre. (A QuickTime Player is necessary for listening).

Presented in both Polish and English, Czolgaj Sie is a thoughtful counterpoint to the recently celebrated Valentine's Day.

Go to: http://www.dmoma.org/

Also available in cellphone format, Czolgaj Sie can be accessed at:


W. Logan Fry, Director
The Digital Museum of Modern Art