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Bleeding Heart(s) - Opening reception February 18, 2005

The Garage is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition Bleeding Heart(s). The works on view deal either directly or obliquely with the flip sides of the bleeding heart: the indulgent, the bountiful and the humane versus the indifferent, the cold-hearted and the self-centered.

Mario Camacho’s exquisite sculptures of discarded razorblades as well as preserved varnishes express the delicacy of their materials as well as the pressures of time and the elements.

Evan Crane’s collages and wall hangings wrestle with the link between art, the media and what is perceived as reality. These works combine delicately crafted hand pressed type with images ranging from found art to postcards.

G. Lucas Crane vs. Nonhorse's opening night performance will deal with noise, obscure field sampling, improvisation, and covert recording. His installation of cassette tapes become distinct talisman objects speaking to the volume of hidden sounds and secret music in the world around us.

Brian Adam Douglas’ drawings explore the dynamics of biological forms juxtaposed against the classical still life. His video piece also explores the still life to examine our current cultural and political climate.

Laura Harmon's site-specific installation takes a very humorous look at the bleeding heart, using real-life bleeding hearts!

Stephen Jablonsky’s abstract and subtle medium format photographs address the complicated feelings related to the love
one shares between child and parent.

Lori Lovejoy's photographs are an exploration in lengthened memories and prolonged time. They present places of nostalgia; places we cannot go back to; places that are sympathetic in memory but are not sympathetic in return.

The Garage is focused on promoting and exhibiting the work of national and international artists working in installation, painting, sculpture, photography and video. It also functions as a performance space for art-centric music. The gallery is housed in a 19th century carriage house in Park Slope Brooklyn that was at one time a glass factory. The gallery occupies two rooms with a combined exhibition space of 1,000 square feet, with the larger of the two rooms providing light from 6 large skylights.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Thursday by appointment only, Friday though Sunday 10am - 5 pm. The Garage is located at 291 8th Street, Brooklyn New York. To reach us by phone, dial 718-974-3341. For more information please visit the website http://www.thegarage-gallery.com. To join the mailing list for further shows, email mailinglist@thegarage-gallery.com.

Opening reception February 18, 2005
7-10 pm.