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The Mirror Stage

  • Deadline:
    May 20, 2008, midnight
  • Location:

To accompany "The Mirror Stage", NeMe plans a publcation which will include images from the participating videos as well as texts which will reflect on the state of the video medium.

This call is for texts, maximum length of 2000 words to be included in the publication.


To contribute to the ongoing discussion regarding video and its changing position in the arts and society.


The texts may focus on but not limited to the following topics:

  • Video art today
  • Video genres
  • History of video
  • Video and the changing Technological landscape
  • Exhibiting video
  • Archiving video
  • Video - from the video maker’s perspective
  • Collecting video art
  • Video in the age of surveillance

A selection of the submitted texts will be published in "The Mirror Stage" and/or the neme-imca.org website or the neme.org database. Authors may submit up to 5 separate texts for consideration.

Complete call can be found on NeMe