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To From Subject

  • Deadline:
    March 14, 2008, midnight
  • Location:

To From Subject is an installation part of 24/7: Open Desktop, which is a project by the CCC Projet

Collectif for Shedhalle's exhibition WORK TO DO : Part 3. Thus, To From Subject is an extension of

Shedhalle's exhibition concept of an internet cafe - a place for communication, distribution and information.

To From Subject INVITES YOU > to contribute to this installation by sending information

through email. It will be printed onto a sheet that looks like an email and people at the exhibition can take a

piece of these informative "emails" with them - elaborating upon the internet concept of Shedhalle.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION can be anything, from an image, any information about your new works, old works,

written ideas, a small text, a drawing or we could begin a personal dialogue together if you wish.

Please include in the email your full artist name and any emails or links you would like to add.

PLEASE SEND CONTRIBUTIONS TO : tofromsubject@gmail.com