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ICA digital studio

Animation work + interactive processes
by Sissu Tarka

20 Jan - 20 Feb 2005

PRIVATE VIEW: Thurs 20 Jan 6 - 8 pm


Tarka's background is in Fine Art practice. D\_H H\_D will present animation and interactive work in a non-productive and imaginative new media site. Deriving from found objects and imagery, the installation of moving images appropriates minimalist aesthetics and combines them with animation’s subversive aspects. Emergency pictures from newspapers, or an iconic image of Branson, re-appear digitally manipulated as heterogeneous material. In the strange combination of everyday encounters and new technologies the format of the work refers to a kind of domesticated technology (homedata).

As part of D\_H H\_D Tarka launches the CD WICKED. A limited edition is available.

Accompanying TALKS in response to D\_H H\_D:
Talk1: Thurs 27 Jan 6.30
Melanie Jackson on animation and the integration of technologies
Talk2: Thurs 03 Feb 6.30
Mark Nash responds from the perspective of a film theorist and curator
Talk3: Thurs 10 Feb 6.30
Elena Cologni on performative aspects in D\_H H\_D


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