Jan 15 - Bring in the Clones - vertexList, Brooklyn

Bring in the Clones
Jan 15 - Feb 6, Vertex List Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
138 Bayard Street
please join us at the opening Saturday Jan 15, 7-9 pm featuring a performance by Stefan St Laurent and Jason St Laurent
and musical improv from Troostite starting at 9pm (free admission)

Doubles + Twins + Clones (oh my)
The artists in Bring in the Clones feature human or animal doubles in their work to emphasize the fantastical, dehumanizing, captivating, humourous, and unsettling aspects of seeing or being ‘more than one’. Digital technologies faciliate the easy twinning of images and creation of a fantasy-scape inhabited by clones, but more importantly permit us to visually probe our position in a utopic or dystopic future where split cells, twin tricksters, pleasure-doubling look-alikes, and misrecognized doppelgangers are decidedly less rare yet just as uncanny.
• artists: Jose Carlos Casado, Yevgeniy Fiks + Ivan Razumov, John Gerrard, Jillian Mcdonald, Tricia McLaughlin, Jason St. Laurent + Stefan St. Laurent, and Liselot van der Heijden