In Transition: Cultural Identities in the age of Transnational and Transcultural Flux

  • Deadline:
    March 20, 2008, midnight
  • Location:

This interdisciplinary conference aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion concerning the realities, dilemmas and responses of people facing displacement or insecurity because of social, environmental and political instability, both global and local. The main objective of the conference is to contribute to the further analysis of such important issues of contemporary world as:

  • migration and discrimination
  • economic, political, religious, and gender displacement
  • the destiny of "imagined communities" of the nation-state and formation of transcultural "imagined worlds"

Established and emerging researchers in such fields of knowledge as philosophy, sociology, cultural and political studies, ethnology, geography, demography, art history, linguistics and cultural producers are welcome to apply for participation in the conference.

The conference will focus on but is not limited to the following topics:

  1. Displacement, Diaspora and Geography.
  2. Contemporary geopolitics and its relationship to war, environmental disasters and displacement.
    Displaced space: lost paradise and the urban ghetto. Assimilation and alienation of dissolving borders.
    Deterritorization and the politics of cultural difference.
  3. Transculturalism
  4. Hybridity and Multiculturalism in the construction of identity.
    Suppressed difference: the marginality of the majority in the culture industry.
    Social inclusion or cultural displacement? Media networks as social structures.
  5. Appropriation of language: language as an instrument of geo-economic domination.
  6. Semantic structure of language as a source of identification self-positioning and survival in the antagonistic geo-economic environment;
    Language as a medium of violence and resistance;
    "Placelessness" (Displaced Space): diminishing the boundaries of language;
  7. Reflection, Resistance and Reclamation.
  8. Exploring spaces as creative resistance, alternative art practices and their ethical implication.
    Alternative media and social networks on behalf of resistance and/or reclamation. Social networking and cultural levelling.
    'Privatization' and 'consumption' as debatable strategies of the mainstream culture industry.

The Conference will include a selection of papers submitted via this call, artist's talks, a number of invited speakers including international theorists who will present keynote lectures. There will also be a series of round table discussions providing a forum for greater audience participation.

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