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sosolimited presents ... obese electrocinema

sosolimited presents …

obese electrocinema

an audio/visual transformation of the 1979
classic "the warriors" performed live with
orginal beats, reconstituted video, closed
captions, and the aesthetic freshness
you've come to expect from soso.

Date: Thursday, 12.30.04
Time: 10 PM // doors open earlier
Location: middlesex lounge // 315 Mass Ave
// Central Sq, Cambridge, MA
// middlesexlounge.com

the real deal:

obese electrocinema is a performance series
in which we remix classic films set to an all
orginal score of electronic music. We will
digitize the video, audio, and close captioning
of the television signal on the fly and perform
live transformations on the material.

who we are:

sosolimited is an audiovisual artist collective
comprised of Timon Botez, Eric Gunther,
Justin Manor, and John Rothenberg. We design our
own software and specialize in audiovisual
performance. We have performed in Cambridge,
New York City, and at the Ars Electronica Festival
in Linz, Austria.

more information: