Around the Coyote Video Lounge Curated by LiveBox

  • Deadline:
    March 1, 2008, midnight
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Call for Video
Deadline March 1st (received)
Around the Coyote, as a cultural partner of The Artist Project at Artropolis, brings you the Around the Coyote Video Lounge curated by LiveBox. ARTropolis is Chicago’s citywide celebration of arts, antiques and culture. Running concurrently with Art Chicago, The Artist Project features original work from cutting-edge artists undiscovered by the gallery community. The Video Lounge will open for the preview celebrations on April24th, and run through April 28, 2008

Since the rise of You Tube and the use of video as a communication language, there has been talk about the death of video art. For many it is becoming increasing difficult to access the artistic quality of video art when the format represents entertainment and cheap reproduction. Very recently though, there has been talk of Video as “New”. New York times critic Holland Cotter wrote in January 08, “ At present it is shaped by a combination of pop fantasy, ingrainedcybersmarts, neo tribalism and the angst-free take on contemporary life that marks attention-deficient internet culture.” Cotter was talking about a collection of rising video artists who were creating stunning original video. You Tube habitation and the like had liberated these artists to create fearless work. The ARTropolis Video Lounge is a celebration of video as a seminal medium for young artists today.

Send a CD with resume, statement, short synopsis of the work, and jpg images. Video should be NTSC DVD, if your piece is in PAL, please send mini DV tape. Label DVD and case with title, running time and contact info. Note materials will not be returned, unless specifically requested. Send proposals to:
Catherine Forster
LiveBox submissions
1031 North Shore Dr
Crystal lake, IL 60014

For more information contact