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  • Deadline:
    Oct. 30, 2002, 1 a.m.

thats a great idea i am always thinking of posting for help but then i am like um i dont know then i dont.

if anyone wants to make

# flash loader conversion of "thousand" by moby
# anaglyph transcoder for html [for use w 3d glasses]
# transcoder to read webpages horoscopes and sun signs and
determine compatibility.
# calvin pissing mouse trail effect
# wittgenstein tractaco logico philosophicus war dialer
# iterate through beethoven's 5 midi pushing each instrument
one stp clockwise around the symphony with each note.
called "roll over beethoven"

[the war dialer is in generative art 2002 in milan but doesnt work really. this is the 3rd thing its been accepted to maybe it is the charm? your would get credit or it could be shown as a work of some collective name. my choice would be TKO - TOTAL KNOCK OFF]

drop me a line or something. i have no interest in producing them myself whatsoever i am concentrating on dance and music. despite my resume my programming and design skills are really dodgy so i might be more of a help with critiques and such.

chris otto