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Call for: New Media Artists at the Ohio State University

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 10, 2008, midnight
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Art and Technology at the Ohio State University is seeking applicants to the MFA degree program for 2008 - 2009.

The MFA in Art and Technology is a two-year degree in computer-mediated art, offered in the Department of Art. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to foster experimentation and realization of new forms and to help students develop their own unique vision and aesthetic as a fine artist utilizing technological tools.

Our graduate students are focused on conceptualization as the driving force for creative explorations within digital media and advanced technologies. Computers and digital media are powerful tools of expression and we seek to expose our graduates to a wide array of creative approaches to understanding a critical use of technology that acknowledges history and theory while also defining what is next at the intersection of the arts, technology and the sciences. Media our graduates work in are: electronics and kinetics, interactive installation, robotic sculpture/installation, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, holography and light, digital video, multimedia, biological media, net.art, telematics, performance and sound.

Students are encouraged to consider conceptual approaches to art making while working with content and contexts that may not fit within traditional definitions of art or display venues.

Free tuition, plus a monthly stipend in the form of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship or University Fellowship is awarded to 90% of our graduate students. All graduate students in the Department of Art are provided with studio space.

The Ohio State University is one of the nation's largest, most comprehensive universities. The Columbus campus enrolls approximately 57,000 students, 3,600 of whom are international students representing more than 100 countries. Ohio State offers approximately 11,700 courses in over one hundred departments, including graduate programs in virtually every profession. As members of the University community, students in the Department of Art have the opportunity to draw on a wide variety of resources that may be pertinent to their work. The Art Department is across the street from the Wexner Center for the Arts, a world-class contemporary arts institution presenting exhibitions, music, performance and film.

Art Department: http://art.osu.edu/

Application information: http://art.osu.edu/?p=d_application