Call for Projects in New Media, Video, Net and Cyber Arts

  • Deadline:
    Jan. 25, 2008, midnight
  • Location:

National Center for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg Arts Project
CYLAND Multimedia Lab

Call for Projects in New Media, Video, Net and Cyber Arts

CYLAND is a new international media art lab organized by St.Petersburg branch of National Center for Contemporary Art (St.Petersburg, Russia) and St.Petersburg Arts Project (New York, USA).

CYLAND was established in order to provide new media artists with technical, programming, financial and administrative aid and assistance in realizing advanced media art projects.

CYLAND is an equipped creative space for co-operation of artists, engineers, technicians, programmers, etc. in their work on video, media, cyber and net art and other art projects dealing with new technologies.

CYLAND is located in NCCA's art residency in the town of Kronstadt (on Kotlin island) 40 km from Saint Petersburg. Kronstadt art residency provides and opportunity for artists from many countries to live and work in Kronstadt within the framewaork of international exchange programs, as well as on individual basis.

Applications are accepted via e-mail. Application Form i available via link:

CYLAND jury will review your application within 2 months' period after the application is received.

Authors of approved projects will receive an invitation to come in CYLAND Multimedia Lab (Kronstadt Art residency of NCCA) for implementation of their project.

Also, support without accommodation in the residency is possible.

Upon implementation of a project, a presentation/exhibition is organized.

Accommodation in the residency is free of charge. Please note that NCCA or CYLAND will not cover the resident's travel expenses, per diems or phone calls (unless specially agreed)

CYLAND Multimedia Lab aims to:
- provide a creative space for interaction of art project of different directions, involving video, audio, cinema, photo, net, computer and electronic experiments;
- support and co-organize public events in the field of media art, such as festivals, workshops, master classes, clubs etc.;
- develop cultural and artistic activities on the Internet aiming at propaganda and popularization of media art in Russia, and establish inter-regional and international links between institutions and artists to launch new projects, cooperation and exchange;
- participate in international cultural exchange and cooperation programs, in Nordic Countries media art programs.

NCCA's Kronstadt Art Residency is located in a separate two-storey building in the heart of Kronstadt, in a park, close to the main square and the town's main sight, the Naval Cathedral. The residence includes a living room, an atelier and bedrooms. Total are of the residency now is approx. 150 sq.m. The residency can house 3-4 artists at a time if they are ready to share the atelier, kitchen and bathroom. Next year a small exhibition hall will open which will be also used for seminars and workshops.

It takes about 40 minutes to get from Kronstadt to St.Petersburg by car or shuttle bus. Shuttle buses will take you from the center of Kronstadt to some metro stations in St.Petersburg.

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